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Last updated: 23 April 2024

There are several artifacts that play a significant role in the world of Tisal Thulu, and in the stories that take place there. Some items, such as the enchanted swords of the 22nd age, toggle between one alignment and another, taking on the characteristics of mighty foes they have slain. When Sargoth is slain by the Flame of Endu, the blade is left in the body and both buried in the well where they lay. When Kadrana retrieves the weapon, it has taken on his evil power, and its nature has altered the remains... but no more spoilers here.


The more important examples are listed below.

The Shadowsword of Elridis

Forged for the king of Ferbrand in the late 22nd Turning, this was the blade he used to slay his entire household, men, women, children and beasts, before leaping to his death, fully armored, into the foaming waters of the River Hertup.

The Shadowsword.png

The Flame of Endu

Forged by Mastersmith and Mage Erdu, the Flame was intended to be a foil to the Shadowsword after it was tainted by King Trad-Elridis of Ferbrand (see The Shadowsword of Elridis).


An artifact fo the 21st Turning, Gherm is the axe wielded by a Dhurnanian battlemaster named Khalid. The axe has a kind of sentience, but will only communicate with certain spirits. It makes appearances in An Accident in Thievery on the belt of Drego the Thief.

Gherm - the axe.png

Lady Derfrey's Mirror

A mystical mirror imbued with the power to open a portal through the Travel Plane, from wherever the mirror is, to the anchor point in the Tower of Blackwood.

"Lady" Derfrey was the original inhabitant and constructor of the tower. Legend has it that she herself was from another plane. She held no official title, but all around referred to her as "Lady" out of respect, and probably fear as well.

Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 15.43.49.png
The book of Anturil.webp

The Book of Anturil

The spells and secrets of the great sorceror Anturil. These pages are imbued with the ability to function like mystical tattoos, allowing the caster to complete planar spells without implanting tethers in the body.

The Orb of Gilmesh

A symbolic emblem of the high priestess of the Sisterhood of Shadow.

The Moon Sceptre.png

Tooth of Aorlin


This is an enchanted spear, used in the battle of the last Great Turning by Aorlin, HIgh Sana of Gilmesh. He was disarmed in the fight and th espear fell into the sea. When Henubeth was cast down, and the eastern continent shattered into fragments, an island of the Thum Saren Archipelago was thrust up and the weapon was later found. Its power helped forge the stronghold of Hasputo - hence the spear on the Hasputo Crest.

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