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Cunning, dangerous and unstoppable...

Meet Marina Saalik.

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Marina Saalik book_1_FA copy.jpg

Could it be real? A companion artefact to the famous Copper Scroll? A map to immesurable wealth? Marina is pulled into a world of international intrigue, ancient mystery, and the machinations of rich and powerful men - all seeking the secret riches of a black-market Dead Sea Scroll.

She sees only one way out: find the secret treasure herself...  and live to tell the world.

Marina Saalik book_2_rev3 copy.jpg

With a new taste for danger, Marina finds herself stewing in boredom and lack of direction… until the mysterious abduction of Ben on a speaking tour in Europe.

Not one to sit around and wait, she leaps into another hurricane of  intrigue and adventure, seeking a lost Babylonian relic. She is racing to save Ben’s life - but is she willing to pay the unusual ransom?


A Rare Weapon
(Release date TBD)

Marina sets off to prevent the theft of one of the most valued occult items in the world - The Lance of Christ. Hitler wanted it. Churchill wanted it. Rooseveldt wanted it.

Now a new Nationalist Exremist Cult is after it, and their intentions are worse than she could have imagined.

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