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The Gallery

This section includes some of the artwork I've created
as I dream up ideas for stories, prepare characters,
and create worlds.
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If you have any fan art or fan fiction, please send it to me here.
I plan to add a section for it, once I have enough.

Tisal Thulu

Old map
Tisal Thulu map - world - Poster

Map of Tisal Thulu, the setting for the Heroes of Tisal Thulu and Legends of Tisal Thulu books. There is a poster (36"x24") available for this image, in much higher resolution.

               An early version of the map.

Several drawings for the Heroes of Tisal Thulu and Legends of Tisal Thulu books.

Stolen Sip
The Apple Tree
Distant view of armored man
Medium view of armored man
Detail view of armored man
Drego fights a demon
Sontar receives care
Character sketches
Shadowsword 1
Shadowsword 2
Character 3
Character 4
Character 2
Character 1
Temple robber
Northern native
Ranger painting
Freynar Map.png

Danny Wolfe

Danny Wolfe
Ana Cruz sketch

Early Ana Cruz sketch.

Quick sketches (in marker) of characters from the upcoming 4th Danny Wolfe book Upon this Rock.

Character Sketches
Covers, Upon this Rock
Danny Wolfe shoots as he falls

The Under

The Under

Preliminary cover, map, landscapes, and protagonist portrait for the young readers novel The Under.
If there is any interest for it, I can make The Bookshop available as a small poster (or any of the others, for that matter). Let me know via Facebook (There are links in the header and footer of this site).

Busy desk with artwork and a map
Prin the protagonist
Book cover: The Under
The Bookshop
London House


Hobbit on the watch
Dwarf gets a drink
Boat on the Thames
Thames trees 1
Loner bird
Thames trees 2
Zar portrait
Thames trees 3
Drawing 1
Drawing 2 - Lille
Drawing 3
Old Building
Jeff Spence with stack of his books
Blackwells Cafe Nero
Rainy Day
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