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A broken man is a sharp instrument...

...and Father Daniel Wolfe is certainly broken.

Father Danny Wolfe, former special forces sniper, now a disillusioned priest, fights aginast the odds to solve his brother’s brutal murder - and to win the battle against his own inner demons.
He’s a broken man, but sometimes the broken tool is the sharpest.

Cover, Kindle, phone & Book: The Priest Hunter

Darker and more tortured, Danny Wolfe continues his perilous descent into the horrors of his own personal ghosts.

Some call it the ‘unforgivable sin,’ but the rash of apparent suicides in Miami’s Catholic community isn’t what it seems like on the surface. A personal favour beckons the tortured priest into the shadowy world of another broken saint - and the hunter becomes the hunted.

Cover, Kindle, phone & Book: A Time for Weeping

Someone is killing priests - viciously and in open daylight. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it, until that one connection that unravels the thread Danny needs to bring the mystery to light and  to track down his deadly prey.

Cover, Kindle, phone & Book: Bring Not Peace
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