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A world of many dangers... a world of many heroes.

They took her. Came in the night, slew the others, and took her. Sontar had always been in chains, as long as he could remember, but in a single night that all changed... or did it?

Driven forward by inner forces he doesn’t understand, hoping only to find the woman he loves and set her free, he strikes southward, chasing unknown men through unknown lands, with only one word to guide him - Hasputo.

The Chains of Hasputo


Naked and soaked in the blood of her enemies, the young woman strode the deck like a battle goddess, no man there willing to stare down the fire in her eyes. Their knees bent, and they were hers. She would put them all to good use... she had vengeance to forge.

From orphan, to captain, to undisputed queen of the inner sea, the child of a legend rises to eclipse her father with a sh
adowy glory all her own.

Rise into Shadows


There are dark forces at work in the city of Berrinheed, and they threaten order from the gutters to the throne.... but there are those of more wholesome heart in Berrinheed too.

One such man is Drego, thief and opportunist. From street rat to the father of a dynasty - via the Distant Planes of Existance - Drego’s one wrong move casts him into the chain of history.

An Accident in Thievery

TT03 3D s.png

...and a world of many legends.

The Orphan of Stone

Sir Dirridain returns to his ancestral home with hopes of claiming the hand of the lord's daughter and with it, the title to his father's former holdings. His high hopes are dashed as the Lord of Crogmoor is killed in the night and Dirridain blamed for it. He must clear his name to seize his dreams.

Battle, intrigue and betrayal plague the young knight as he seeks to right these wrongs and gain his place in the sagas of his people.

The Orphan of Stone



Coming Soon

Blood on Snow

Blood on Snow

Coming Soon

The Minstrel King

The Minstrel King
Tisal Thulu - the Broken Realms

The link above accesses information about the world of Tisal-Thulu as I continue to develop it.

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