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A world of many dangers... a world of many heroes.

These books have not yet been purchased by a publisher - but keep an eye out!
The covers are mock-ups. The map is my rendering of the setting.

He’s only ever known life as a subserviant possession, but when a rival gang of slave-hunters raids his camp and flees into the south with the only woman he’s ever known or loved, the beast within is loosed.

Sontar breaks free on a quest that will drip with blood, love, betrayal - and the realisation that there are more chains around him than those forged of iron.

TT01 3D Triad.png

She’s the illigitimate offspring of a despot, adopted by a slayer wracked with guilt over the death of her mother, and now even he has left her alone in a savage world. Suckled on the stories of her adopted father’s past, she vows to make something of herself, to forge a name of renown and glory.


But she will not be alone. Someone, or something, is watching her rise, noting her success... and hunting her in the darkness. 

TT02 3D Triad.png

There are dark forces at work in the city of Berrinheed, and they threaten order from the gutters to the throne.... but there are those of more wholesome heart in Berrinheed too.

One such man is Drego, thief and opportunist. From street rat to the father of a dynasty - via the Distant Planes of Existance - Drego’s one wrong move casts him into the chain of history.

TT03 3D Triad.png

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