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About Jeff Spence

     Jeff Spence has been writing for forty-five years and helping writers for thirty. He has many credits for traditionally-published poetry, fiction, non-fiction and academic work, and has been in the indie space for almost ten years. 

Nine of Jeff Spence's books.

    Jeff holds a Bachelor of Education degree, a Master of Arts degree, a Master of Science degree, and post-graduate research studies as a member of the University of Oxford, in the UK.

    He has taught ancient and modern literature and creative writing on three continents, to students ranging in age from five to ninety-two... and from a wide range of ability levels. He currently coaches novice and advanced writers working on fantasy and science fiction, mystery, autobiography, and non-fiction projects.


    Jeff has travelled widely, too, having lived in, studied in, or visited over twenty countries. He has a deep knowledge and understanding of traditions and religious practices of the ancient past, as well as major religions of the present age.

    He currently splits his year between Oxfordshire (UK) and Florida (USA).


     If you are interested in coaching or advanced courses, or beginner courses from Jeff Spence, please click the links for more information.


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