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About Jeff Spence

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     I am originally from Canada, having grown up surrounded by cowboys, traders, and the colorful kaliedoscope of people that made up rural Alberta in the seveneties and eighties.

     I have traditionally-published poetry, fiction, non-fiction and academic writing, and I now work primarily in the indie space, in long fiction. 

    I hold a Bachelor of Education degree, a Master of Arts degree, a Master of Science degree, and post-graduate research studies as a member of the University of Oxford, in the UK. I have taught ancient and modern literature and creative writing on three continents, to students ranging in age from five to an amazing ninety-two... and from a wide range of abilities, kindergarten to university level.


    I love to travel, too, having lived in, studied in, or visited over thirty countries. I continue to build a deep knowledge and understanding of cultural traditions and religious practices of the ancient past, as well as major religions of the present age. I bring that richness into my Danny Wolfe and Marina Saalik stories, as well as fantasy world building and the interactions of other complex characters.

    I currently split my year between Oxfordshire (UK) and visiting family in the USA and Canada.


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