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Last updated: 23 April 2024

Captain Crecken


Captain Crecken was a pirate who ruled the Hennugwosh for two decades, and is said to have mapped the coasts of nearly every landmass in the eastern hemisphere. Known for stealth, merciless vengeance, and a love of garrish clothing (and women), he is an unmistakable figure on many a portside inn sign, most often signifying a brothel, rather than a true place of lodging and food. His ship, the Hightooth, is said to have sunk somewhere in the Great shoals, and to be pinned to the bottom under the weight of gold bullion stowed in its hold, and as ballast, after it raided Thulmeremuut and melted the crowns and armour of the Giant Kings. Most scholars discount this as just another sailors' yarn.

Sana Glory


Sana Glory is the title given to the highest-ranking sana (monk) of the Hennuvic order. This man or woman is said to hold the light of Henu's Eye within the forehead, which grants foresight, wisdom and long life.

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