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Welcome to Tisal Thulu


Last updated: 20 April 2024

People in Tisal Thulu don't really recognize such a thing as race. Their understanding is more around family groups and language groups. However, different regions have different dominant features and certainly distinct clothing.

Where geographic boundries brush up against each other, especially on the same land mass, the looks of the people merge and blend - there is seldom a sharp change in appearance and culture unless there is a physical boundary like a body of water or a mountain range.

Northern Peoples of the East

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The Alturians are originally northern people from the regions of Thul Macha, though they have spread in dominant numbers over Evrik Thum and Wemtur Thul.

They are known as contented farmers and hunters who are difficult to rile into violence... but once they are, they are brave and formidable.

Far Northern Island Peoples

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Equitorial Peoples

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DALL·E 2024-04-20 11.37.35 - In a realistic photographic style, depict a medieval fantasy
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Central Island Peoples

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Far Southern Island Peoples

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Extraplanar Peoples (TBD)

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