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Optional Review Quiz

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Discussion Questions

Discussion questions are included in each section.


  • You can fill in these questions, think them over on your own, or discuss them as a group - whichever you prefer.


  • The guidebook, included with this course, has further information and guidance regarding each of these topics.


Guidebook for Unit 6: Download Here


Consider the arguments over calendars or days in the Second Temple period. Is there a modern equivalent?


(Consider Jews and Seventh Day Adventists versus Catholics and Protestants. Consider the dates of Easter in Greece as opposed to the United States.)



Why do you think Isaiah calls people to go out into the desert to prepare the way, when the majority of people would have been in the city?



Where do you come down on the question of John as an Essene, or a Community member?


What evidence moved you to this position?

That completes Unit 6

There are 10 units in this study.

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