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I used to think.

Jeff Spence headshot
Jeff the Writer at RHS Wisley, in Surrey.

I used to think “Who am I, to speak to others about things over which I am still deciding and developing a full understanding?” and so I was silent. Because I didn't know it all, I didn't offer my opinion or perspective.

In viewing the trends and growing expression of negative, othering, and hostile speech, I have come to ask a new question. “Who am I to remain silent? To give up even my modest platform to others, who may or may not share my views? Who am I to refuse my natural portion of human expression, giving undue weight to that of another?”


I must speak, or write, or create, and in so doing take my place amongst the billions of my kind. I must become the best of who I am, by expressing the truth of who I am.

This expression comes in many forms. I write articles, poetry, songs, novels, and I create graphic art too. This blog is the home for the articles part of this writing, and I'll aim to give you one each week.

I hope you enjoy them, but most of all I hope they give you something interesting to think about, whether you agree with my take on it or not.

Welcome to the blog.


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