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Optional Review Quiz

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Discussion Questions

Discussion questions are included in each section.


  • You can fill in these questions, think them over on your own, or discuss them as a group - whichever you prefer.


  • The guidebook, included with this course, has further information and guidance regarding each of these topics.


Guidebook for Unit 8: Download Here


It has been said that the writers of the pseudepigraphal books used the names of the patriarchs as a means of "borrowing" authority for the books. What do you think this means?


2. Do we have anything like that kind of "borrowing" today?


If so, what?


If not, what do you think brought about a change in our criteria of what is really "historical"?


3. In the Second Temple period, some Scriptures were highlighted, and others not mentioned much, if at all. Has this changed?


What biblical ideas, commands, or traditions are most important to you and your faith group?


Which ones do you tend to ignore or downplay, perhaps as being outdated (pre-scientific?), or metaphorical?

That completes Unit 8

There are 10 units in this study.

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