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Optional Review Quiz

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Discussion Questions

Discussion questions are included in each section.


  • You can fill in these questions, think them over on your own, or discuss them as a group - whichever you prefer.


  • The guidebook, included with this course, has further information and guidance regarding each of these topics.


Guidebook for Unit 4: Download Here


Consider the many times the Palestinian region has changed hands between various foreign empires and rulers.


What effect do you think this might have had on the thinking and perceptions of the people who lived there and were subject to these conquerors?



Can you explain how this type of history might politicize the thoughts of the people in a different way than if they were self-ruling and left alone?


Why might the New Testament thoughts and writings have developed when and where they did?


Consider religious, historical, and geographical circumstances.


How would this thinking and these perceptions have played out in relation to Jesus, his ministry, and the things that were being said about him?

That completes Unit 4

There are 10 units in this study.

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