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Optional Review Quiz

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Discussion Questions

Discussion questions are included in each section.


  • You can fill in these questions, think them over on your own, or discuss them as a group - whichever you prefer.


  • The guidebook, included with this course, has further information and guidance regarding each of these topics.


Guidebook for Unit 3: Download Here

1. There are few places on earth that scrolls could be preserved for 2000 years, even within sealed jars. Some consider the location of the life of Jesus to be a miracle, partially for this reason.


With that in mind, consider why the book of Esther was not included in the collection. A coincidence, or something else?

2. Who should own the Scrolls? Why?


i.e. Jewish authorities, Christian institutions, government agencies, private collectors, etc.

3. In some cases, Scrolls have been siezed in order to ensure that they are kept safe and properly preserved.


Is this ethical?


Does it matter who has them, the situation they are in, or who siezes them?

That completes Unit 3

There are 10 units in this study.

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