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Optional Review Quiz

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Discussion Questions

Discussion questions are included in each section.


  • You can fill in these questions, think them over on your own, or discuss them as a group - whichever you prefer.


  • The guidebook, included with this course, has further information and guidance regarding each of these topics.


Guidebook for Unit 2: Download Here

1. What have you been taught, or have you assumed, about the nature of the Scriptures? For example, who wrote the words? What does "inspiration" mean to you?



2. Would you be concerned if there were errors, or mutually-exclusive information in the text? Why?

3. How might one explain, or understand, the inspired nature of Scripture in the light of several different versions existing, even in Jesus' day? Is this a problem in a faith context?

That completes Unit 2

There are 10 units in this study.

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