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Enter the intriguing world of the Dead Sea Scrolls, ancient documents written and hidden in the days when Jesus lived, and discovered, less than a hundred years ago, by Bedouin shepherds in the deserts of Palestine.

  • Discover copies of the Hebrew scriptures a thousand years older than those previously known.

  • Read texts that tell us more about the world Jesus lived in than we ever knew before.

  • Learn about the nearby ruins and the other artifacts that were found in the caves.

  • Enrich your understanding of current translations and versions of the Bible, and how we came to have them.


The introduction and first unit are included here for free.
The whole course costs $29.99 (US) and includes:
  • Ten units in total.
  • Review quizzes (optional) for each unit.
  • Questions to get discussions going in your group.
  • A PDF workbook with leader guidance and background information on the discussion topics.
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