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Thriller and Mystery novellas for the busy reader.

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Falling Grace


Losing his wife, his ranch, and his confidence, Cliff drives his truck from Montana to Florida, hoping for a little R&R... what he finds instead is a cute brunette, a murder of passion, and a local sherriff who doesn't want him poking around.

But Cliff has never been one to take a warning to heart...

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Marcel Dumont is just like any other dad, except that he can't shake the need to solve the murder of a young American girl on holiday in the Bahamas...

           ...and he's also four feet tall.

His size won't stop him, but the closer he gets to the truth, the more likely someone will.

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Blind Sight

(Not yet released)

Marcel Dumond returns in this chase from Miami, to London, and up into the Scottish Highlands, as he races to vindicate the testimony of a key witness with a rare neurological condition: Blind Sight.