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Jeff Spence

Welcome to the home of the creations of Jeff Spence.

Fantasy, Psychological Thrillers, Adventures, and Academics.


Novels by Jeff Spence

Cover and Kindle: The Priest HUnter
Cover and Kindle: A Time for Weeping
Cover and Kindle: Bring Not Peace

Dark and brooding, this series follows Father Danny Wolfe, a tortured and broken ex-soldier, now disillusioned priest, as he wades, eye-deep in the darkness, intrigue, and danger of Vatican Internal Affairs, and the ragged remains of his own personal life.

Psychological Thriller

Cover and Kindle: Catching Grace
A Quick Little Murder Mystery

On vacation from his impending divorce, the loss of his family ranch, and the unknown future of a homeless cowboy, Cliff Sturgeon is confronted with a shocking murder. With nowhere else to put his unrest and frustration, Cliff brings some old west justice to the Miami resort.

Psychological Thriller


Cover and Kindle: The Silver Scroll
Cover and Kindle: The Bowl of Marduk

Described as a cross between James Bond and Indiana Jones, Marina Saalik is as tough as they get, battling her own personal demons even as she navigates the high-stakes and dangerous world of international treasure hunters.

International Adventure

Heroes of Tisal Thulu
HTT03 3d double.png
Legends of Tisal Thulu
Cover and Kindle: The Orphan of Stone
Cover and Kindle: Blood on Snow
Cover and Kindle: The Minstrel King

Set 300 years before The Chains of Hasputo, the history behind the legends is at last revealed.

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