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Welcome to Spence Writing

I have written more than twenty books.
        I can help you write yours.

I have thirty years of experience teaching and coaching writing.

Whether you are a new writer trying to write your first book, or an established writer trying to get through a trouble spot, I can help.

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My Services


I can help both novice and experienced writers to overcome the challenges of writing long and short fiction, non-fiction, and academic writing.

1:1 Coaching is the most effective way to improve your writing and complete your writing goals.


I have developed courses for both novice and more advanced writers, to help them achieve the dream of writing a novel.

All writers can benefit from the basic course, and more advanced writers will be able to hone their skills with the advanced writing courses and minis.

Fiction &

I am traditionally published in fiction, poetry, non-fiction and academic publications, and have written and published several indie novels.

No matter what your writing goals look like, I can help you to develop strategies, skills, and habits that will help you to achive them.


Not everyone with a story to tell is a writer - or even wants to be.

If you want an experienced writer to help you bring your story to life, I can fill that role. Through a variety of communication methods, we will collaborate on your project to make sure that your dream of your own book - fiction or non-fiction - becomes a reality.

What I Do
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