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Why does it matter if you register?

I know your data is valuable, and that you don't want it bought and sold without you seeing a penny from it. I hate junkmail too, and don't want to be bothered by Nigerian Princes with tax problems any more than anybody else. So why do I ask for your name and email?

It's simple: Being able to let you know when a new book is published, helps me make a living with my writing. I don't need to rely on anybody else to put my books infront of your eyes.

I never share your details with anyone else, never sell them or give them away or use them for any purpose other than to let you know about new book releases and, occasionally, a noteworthy news item regarding my work.

You can expect an email every few months, on average - maybe two around Christmastime.



As a way to thank you for letting me do that, I offer my registered fans exclusive writing, occasional discounts and free books, chances to join The Posse - my advanced reading team - and little goodies like maps and shots of my notes and doodles made during the writing process. There are even videos of me giving tips and lessons to aspiring writers.

Not least of all, this helps us connect. Writing and reading are mostly solitary activities, so touching base now and then... well that's a good thing.

I hope you'll join us.                          Free eBook as

                                                                        a welcome gift:

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Perks for registered fans