Short Fiction

Before the story was written, before the writings were copied, and honed, and worked for generations - there was a man.

This telling of the Jonah story is at once spiritual and gritty, with layer after layer of meaning. Each reading reveals a deeper story, at at the heart of it all, a very human hero.

Ratings information: No violence - no graphic; Some sexual content - no graphic. Suitable for ages 14+


Wit meets fantasy in this satirical look at the efforts of humankind - sometimes well-meaning, sometimes not - to control and profit from the environment. The diminutive wizard narrates his experiences as a young mage, eking his way through life until making a fortuitous mental connection that revealed to him his ticket to fame and wealth: the means to slay a dragon.

Comical, meaningful, and hilariously unpredictable, this short novella is well worth the read.

Ratings information: Some violence - low graphic; No sexual content - no graphic. Suitable for ages 14+

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