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Father Daniel Wolfe, burnt out from investigating the most heinous of acts committed within the mysterious cloisters of the Catholic Church, is called by police to the scene of a crime. There, on the floor before the altar of a Miami sanctuary, lay the body of a man. A policeman. His brother.

Driven by the need to find his brother's killer, and to pull his own soul from the shadows of the world he investigates, Daniel finds himself surrounded by men he cannot trust... and one of them is trying to kill him.

Ratings information: Mystery/Thriller

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Brace for adventure as Benjamin Gela and Marina Saalik are pulled into a world of international intrigue, ancient mystery, and the machinations of rich and powerful men - all seeking the secret of a black market Dead Sea Scroll.

Tired of being used as pawns, Ben and Marina see their only way out: find the secret treasure on their own...  and live to tell the world. 


Ratings information: Adventure/Thriller

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Sir Dirridain returns to his ancestral home with hopes of claiming the hand of the Lord's daughter and with it, the title to his father's former holdings. His high hopes are dashed as the Lord of Crogmoor is killed in the night and Dirridain blamed for it. He must clear his name and seize his dreams - to do that, he must find out who is really behind the murder.

He is joined on his quest by Asira Quenn, a commoner with whom he can have no real future, but for whom he feels an uncomfortable attraction.

Ratings information: Historical Fantasy, murder mystery subplot.

Timidus       Due for release in 2015                            

Some consider it the unforgivable sin; the sin for which confession is an impossibility. But there are those who think the recent cluster of deaths in Florida’s Catholic community are not suicides at all. 

In this sequel to Viaticum, Father Daniel Wolfe, Vatican Investigator and disillusioned priest, is called in to investigate where the police have already closed the case. But what he re-opens at Saint Jude’s Seminary might just be the end of him.

  Ratings information: Mystery/Thriller (Scheduled release, Christmas, 2015)

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Falling Grace                                                                               Release TBA

Cliff Sturgeon, Montana rancher, is getting away from it all in a Miami time share. His wife is divorcing him, handing over her share of their possessions may mean selling the family ranch. He feels as if the world is falling down upon him - and then, in a terrifying way, it does.

Ratings information: Mystery/Thriller