The Political Context of the New Testament                  Release date: 2015

This book, written with Dr. Thomas Hatina, is designed to inform laypeople and non-specialists to the political aspects of the setting of the New Testament writings. Since the authors of the New Testament were writing about their own time period, much of the context of their world is taken for granted - their contemporary readers would have already been familiar with it. Today, however, we benefit from explanations of what is happening around the doings and sayings depicted in the New Testament. This knowledge will impart a richer understanding to those who accept the New Testament as a divine text and to those who see it as a set of important historical and cultural documents.

This book is a popular adaptation to relevant sections of the textbook The Digital Introduction to the New Testament (detailed below). 

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(Also available in Chinese in 2015)

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There are more and more of us out there - stay at home dads. For a great many of us it is not about unemployment (many of us are employed), nor about laziness (we all know this is hard work) nor any other negative motivation... It is about our children, and our experience with them.

This book contains the story of how I came to the decision to leave my place in post-graduate studies at the University of Oxford and to instead devote my daytime hours to caring for and nurturing our daughter, Zarah. It contains some advice, a few warnings, and a liberal dose of support and encouragement for any dad out there who wants to engage more with his children, to participate more in their development, and to benefit from a closer relationship and a greater bond.

An introduction to the historical study of the New Testament, with a focus on cultural, religious, and political context as well as the literary and reception history of the books that make up the present volumes as used in modern churches.

This text is designed for Millennial Learners and is exclusively digital. It adapts to knowledge level, reading and English competency, and includes self-marking assessments for instant feedback and diagnostic information. It is being used as an introductory text at the university level in Canada and the United States.

(Selections also available in Chinese in 2015)

Published by SFP

In this sociological essay, Jeff briefly surveys various historical perspectives and theories of gender and human sexuality, and the evolution of our understanding up to this point. He then proposes the next step in the understanding and representation of human sexuality, developing the one-dimensional spectrum model by gradients into a three-dimensional model onto which a wide variety of human experience and identity can be placed, including both the traditional heterosexual and LGBT communities. 

This book is a must for anyone who desires to better understand human sexual traits and social expression.



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