In Progress - Early Development Stage

Sci-Fi novel.

2945 is a year of turmoil. The great corporations have superseded the governments at last and, each with its private police force, are carving out political niches based on market share and violent force. The corporate dictators colonized the moon, covered it in cityscapes and sub-lunar dwelling spaces, reserving the Earth for exploitation as a dedicated agricultural planet. Space elevators tower up from the equator, shuttling food and water into space as the solar machinery plant and sow and produce.

The lunar colony is tightly controlled and no one can move around without being monitored by the authorities - no one, that is, but the monks. Through years of meditation practice, the Buddhist monks have learned to alter their fingerprints, allowing them to pass through security checkpoints as "unflagged citizens." This gives them the unique ability to effectively drop off of the grid - in a world wholly dependent on it. For this reason, they are highly sought after by the corporations and, despite their official creed, many become informants and enforcers for the company with the deepest pockets.

Szu Fenn is no such monk. Embracing a simple and unencumbered existence, his morality seems incorruptible - until he faces his greatest test.

Fantasy novel. 

A Blood Moon        (First draft in Progress)

The Gatherer has emerged from the sea. There are rumors of a new Conduit found. Some even say that forms fly again amid the Central Sea. The gods are waking.

A time of great testing is at hand.