How to Download the Book

So you're not sure how to download the book? No worries, we'll help you out. Step one is to open the email from the device you want to use. Below you will find directions for opening the book on a Kindle device, an iPhone or iPad, and for other devices.


For a Kindle device:


Make sure you've downloaded the Kindle app, if the device doesn't already have it, then open the email on the device.

Tap the first button to download and open the .MOBI file.


The device will give you the option to "Open in "Kindle"". Tap it, and the book should download and open.


For an iPhone or iPad:


Make sure you've downloaded the iBooks app, then open the email on the phone.

The bottom of the email should look something like this.


Click on the middle button to download the .EPUB file.


Nearly Any Device:


The iBooks icon should pop up.

Simply tap "Open in iBooks" and the book will download to your library, and open up for you to read.


To open from a desktop, laptop, nearly any phone, and nearly any tablet, click or tap the last button to open a .PDF of the book.


If your device can read PDFs (most can), the book will open.


If you are still unable to download the book, please email us at and we'll make sure to get you reading right away.