I was born in Calgary, Canada and moved around Alberta and British Columbia a lot as a kid. I began travelling farther as soon as I was able. I loved being an alien in another culture, being able to look in on a lifestyle and way of seeing the world that was so different from the one I grew up in. It was also somehow comforting to be in the midst of a crowd, and yet able to be isolated and alone when I wanted.

I was kicked out of high school in grade twelve. I received an offer to attend a boarding school, and I jumped at it. It was my third high school, and it was the most stable situation I'd known by that time, and probably saved me from a pretty dismal life. Still, I had my inner demons, and when I needed escape I found it by immersing myself in an imaginary world. I wrote my first book. I used a school yearbook to inspire the looks of the characters, and a picture of an Irish castle torn from a magazine was the initial inspiration for the story. The rest grew from there.

I graduated, did a failed year of college, and still didn't know what I wanted to do. After taking a couple of years to work, I decided to take my interest in literature and history toward a career path. I studied Secondary Education, and after the first year was awarded a scholarship to cover most of the costs. Once this degree was complete, I used it to teach abroad as well as in Canada. During my time in Asia, I wrote The Snow Tribes, the sequel to Crogmoor.

Some years later, my wife got a job in the Bahamas, but the one I had lined up there fell through at the last minute. Hers was a great position, so we went anyway. I spent most days SCUBA diving and boating, assisting a friend who owns a diving company on the island. When I was not in the water, I wrote. During this time, my interest in mystery fiction found its expression. I wrote Red Rum, the story of an American journalist who finds a body in a most unconventional way, and goes on to solve the murder of the young woman (I am reworking this for publication). I also wrote the (unpublished) sequel, Blind Sight and the (unpublished) Falling Grace, during this period, each of them private detective stories. After the Bahamas, I moved with my family to Miami.

IDT01 5 My Brothers Keeper cover eBook.jpg

I began My Brother's Keeper while in the Bahamas and finished it in Miami. I completed a Master of Science degree (High Honors) and a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (Dead Sea Scrolls) and then went on to study Ancient Judaism at the University of Oxford. I started an academic publishing company with my former Greek professor, and that has been growing and allowing me more freedom to travel and to write.

It had always been a dream of mine to study at Oxford, and I finally got my chance. Living in the city was an inspiring experience for me. I walked on the stones that Tolkien, Lewis, and Carrol walked, among so many other greats. I sat and wrote in the chapel where Tolkien helped serve mass, and in which so many of the inspirations for The Lord of the Rings still sit.

It was an amazing time, and is a highlight of my life. 

After my studies there, I returned to Florida and took on the full-time care of our new daughter, writing in the evenings and sometimes through the night. While there, I wrote The Silver Scroll, and A Time for Weeping

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I am currently transitioning my publishing base to the UK, implementing some revisions in the process, and preparing some older, unreleased works for publication.

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I have visited over thirty-five countries so far, and I try to bring the adventures and insights this brings, into my books and stories. My real-life adventures include bathing in the Ganges in the high Himalaya, being chased out of a Zoroastrian Fire Temple by Rottweilers, seeing ancient Islamic artifacts in mosque catacombs, riding in a cattle drive in Indonesia, SCUBA diving with sharks, camping in remote Chinese mountains, swimming with dolphins, and more.

I currently live just west of London England, alongside the Thames, with my beautiful wife and daughter.

Thank you all so much for supporting my writing.


The author and his daughter, Miami Florida, 2015.