Jeff Spence is an expert in Religion and the Dead Sea Scrolls, a world traveler, and an avid mystery/thriller author. His adventures include swimming with sharks, exploring forbidden temples in the Far East, and examining artifacts of dubious provenance.

He currently lives and writes in London, England.


Father Daniel Wolfe, former special forces sniper, investigates abuse by the clergy. Highly-trained, but internally struggling, the murder of a Miami cop, his half-brother, drives Wolfe to the ragged edge of his skills, and his sanity.

Daniel Wolfe, Vatican Investigator of sexual abuse by the clergy, is confronted with the body of his murdered brother.  His already ragged edges are pressed to the limit as he seeks the answers to his brother's death, and steps into the first chapter of a dark conspiracy.



When powerful antiquities collectors trap a mild-mannered professor in the middle of their battle for the greatest treasure of their generation, they don’t count on coming up against Marina Saalik, harder, faster, and deadlier than any of them, including Marina herself, had imagined.